How to Apply for a Grant

2021 Carman Area Foundation Annual Granting Process:

The window to apply for a 2022 CAF grant opens January 1, 2022 until February 19, 2022.

Only organizations that are classified as registered charities by Canada Revenue or organizations that fall under the umbrella of a municipal/town government may apply for a Foundation grant.


Application Guidelines

  • Grants are made annually.
  • Notwithstanding this, the Board may choose to defer payment, or to carry forward payment, into subsequent years.
  • Grants are made to registered charities.
  • Recipient organizations must demonstrate a strong and committed board, fiscal responsibility and effective management.
  • Grant recipients will be required to complete a grant report showing accountability for the use of the funds within one year.
    Failure to complete this report may result in denial of future fund applications.
  • Projects must benefit primarily the people of the “Community” (defined as R.M.s of Grey, Roland, Dufferin, Town of Carman
    and the community of Sperling).
  • Applicants must establish that there is a need for their project.
  • Grants are awarded for definite purposes and for projects covering a specific period of time. Grants for ongoing
    operational funding are not preferred, but may be considered at the discretion of the Board.
  • Applicants requesting funding for capital projects must demonstrate ongoing ability to operate and maintain the asset.
  • Matching or challenge grants may be made in appropriate circumstances.
  • Frequency of grants to any one organization may be limited in order to assure equitable access to support for all
  • Grants to organizations that serve a broader community than that served by Carman Area Foundation may be considered if
    the proposed project is deemed to benefit the people in Carman Area Foundation communities.

When approving grants, the Board may consider:

  • The likelihood of the project to meet CAF donor wishes and interests.
  • The ability of the applicant organization to fund its own activities.
  • The vulnerability/need of the constituency that the application serves (e.g. children, seniors, persons with
  • The likelihood of the project proceeding without CAF funding.
  • The question of whether CAF funding is crucial to the organization’s ability to leverage other support.
  • The number of people who might potentially benefit.
    o The influence the project may have on the future of the community.
  • Geographic distribution of projects being adjudicated.


Preference is given to projects which:

  • Benefit the whole community.
  • Encourage more efficient use of community resources.
  • Demonstrate new approaches and techniques in the solution of community problems.
  • Promote cooperation and sharing among organizations, eliminating duplication of services.
  • Effectively utilize volunteer participation.
  • Strengthen an organization’s capacity to be sustainable.

Grants are not made to/for:

  • Individuals
  • Political activities
  • Establish or add to endowment funds
  • Annual fund drives
  • Direct religious activities
  • Mortgages or deficit reduction
  • Specific medical or scientific research projects
  • Scholarships or bursaries (Scholarship endowment funds are administered separately)
  •  Projects completed before the grant decision takes place.
Note: If your organization received a CAF grant in a previous year, please ensure that you completed and submitted a grant report form on that project by January 31st.

PLEASE NOTE: To be eligible for a grant, these reports must be submitted.