Undesignated Fund

This is fund is not designated for a specific purpose, giving the Foundation Board of Directors the flexibility to fund projects that benefit of wide range of interests and priorities in the communities we serve.  Most of the Foundation’s fundraising activities support this fund, and it is our largest fund to date.

Arts Stabilization Manitoba Fund

Arts Stabilization Manitoba created this fund in 2011. Proceeds go to the Golden Prairie Arts Council to be used for consulting assistance, technology, office equipment and professional development to enhance its stability and sustainability.

Boyne Library Fund

This fund was established by Earl and Barb Hjelte in 2006, with proceeds to support projects at the Boyne Regional Library.

Carman Handi-Van Fund

The Carman Handi-Van Fund is a Charitable Organization Fund, established in 2017 by the Carman Handi-Van Corp.  A Charitable Organization Fund is designed to support the operational needs of the organization.  Each year a grant, based on the Foundation’s current spending policy, is issued to the Carman Handi-Van Corp to use for operational needs.

Carman Lions Club Fund

When the Carman Lions Club disbanded in 2007, they established this designated fund with the balance of their funds. The proceeds from this fund are dedicated to broad spectrum wellness projects in the community.

Carman Memorial Hospital Fund

Proceeds from this fund support projects at the Carman Memorial Hospital.

Dane Nicolajsen Fund

The Dane Nicolajsen Fund is a Donor Advised Fund, established in 2019 by Jeff and Joyce Nicolajsen and family.   Proceeds from growth of the Fund are directed to community initiatives supporting youth.

D. R. McClement Memorial Fund

Established in 2020 by Mrs. Gwen McClement and family, the D. R. McClement Memorial Fund is a Donor Advised Fund.  The Fund grants a bursary to a graduating Carman Collegiate student each year.

Health and Wellness Fund

This fund was created by the absorption of the Carman and District Health Care Foundation in 2002. Their endowed funds were transferred to the Carman Area Foundation and placed into this fund. This fund grants money to health related organizations and activities in the area.

Linear Grain Fund for Underprivileged Children

This Donor Advised Fund was created by Linear Grain to help Underprivileged children in the Carman area.

Masons’ Education Fund

This is the second fund that the Masons established. The grants from this fund are split between the Carman Collegiate and Carman Elementary School.

Masons’ Health Care Fund

When the Masons in Carman disbanded, they created the Health Care Fund and the Education Fund, both being designated funds. The Health Care fund grants money to the Boyne Lodge and the Carman Memorial Hospital.

Pool Fund

The Kinsmen Club of Carman created the pool fund for the purpose of giving the Carman Aquatic Centre operating funds each year.

Preston-Kitching Fund

This fund was established in 2007 by Cliff and Helen Preston to commemorate their 65th wedding anniversary, Cliff’s 95th birthday, and the 100th anniversary of the year Cliff’s father came to the Carman district. The proceeds from this fund are split annually between the Carman Memorial Hospital and the Boyne Lodge.

R.M. of Grey Fund

This fund was initiated in 2007, and became fully established in 2008 with a major donation from a local community-minded couple. The proceeds are to go to projects in the Rural Municipality of Grey.

Roland Community Fund

Established in 2004, this fund was created and continues to be supported from the proceeds of the annual Mike Pritchard Memorial Golf Tournament, as well as contributions from Roland area residents. Proceeds go toward projects initiated in the R.M. of Roland.

Sperling Community Fund

Sperling Industries located in Sperling, MB created this Field of Interest Fund to be used in the Sperling Area.

The Carman Collegiate Youth in Philanthropy Fund

Proceeds from this fund, established in 2014 with support of the Thomas Sill Foundation, support initiatives benefiting the area served by the Carman Area Foundation, in consultation between the Youth in Philanthropy Committee and the Board of Directors.

The Carman Golf and Curling Club Fund

Proceeds from this fund, established in 2013, support the promotion, education and development of golf and curling for the benefit of the community. The fund may also be used to support special capital projects.

Theatre Fund

On Cue Theatre Productions created this Donor Advised Fund to help theatre groups in the area.

Winston Simpson Memorial Fund

To memorialize Winston’s contribution to music in our community and his creation and leadership of the Fiddle Festival in Carman, the proceeds of this fund go towards improvement and maintenance of the Carman and District Hall.