2020 Carman Area Foundation Grants

Video Launch Announcing 2020 Grant Recipients – April 17th

If everything was “normal” right now, we would all have been at the Carman Community Hall on Friday, April 17th, for our Annual Gala Dinner, celebrating philanthropy and our communities, having dinner and watching some incredible entertainment.

However, this year things are different…… And so we have created a video in place of the Gala to announce our 2020 Grant Recipients and highlight community minded individuals representing various organizations.   Below is the link for the video.   Enjoy!


Please refer to 2020 Grant Recipients Page for complete listing.

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Announcing A New Endowment Fund

The D.R. McClement Memorial Fund


Gwen McClement and Rob McClement signing Agreement, with Janine Lodder, Vice Chair, and Barry Gosnell, Chair

We are very pleased to announce a new ‘donor advised’ Endowment Fund within the Carman Area Foundation – The D. R. McClement Memorial Fund.

The Fund, established by Gwen McClement and family in memory of their husband, father and grandfather Denis McClement, will provide a bursary each year to a graduating Carman Collegiate student.

In respect of Denis’s high regard for education, the family was looking for an effective and long-term approach to help young people pursue post-secondary education.  They  decided that an endowment fund would be the best mechanism to allow them to do this.

The bursary recipient will be determined each year in the school’s Awards’ process.  The recipient will be a student planning to enter an Agricultural (or related) program at an accredited University or College.

A strength of creating a ‘donor advised’ Fund, is that the family will have the opportunity to help the community in other ways.  As the Endowment Fund grows, any annual disbursement greater than the bursary amount will be granted to community initiatives as decided by the McClement family.

The Foundation thanks Mrs. McClement and family for their foresight, generosity and support of the community.


New ‘Donor Advised’ Endowment Fund

(Photo above: Lawrence Dyck, CAF Treasurer, (left) and Barry Gosnell, CAF Chairperson, (right), together with Dane’s nieces and nephews.)

The Carman Area Foundation is excited to announce that a new endowment fund has been established.  The new Fund, the Dane Nicolajsen Fund, has been established by Jeff and Joyce Nicolajsen and family of Sperling, in memory of their son and brother Dane.   This fund was created as a donor advised fund, a type of endowment fund that allows the donor to determine how the annual grants from the fund are allocated. 

The family was looking for a way to support the community on a long term basis in Dane’s memory and felt a ‘donor advised’ endowment fund seemed to fit the bill.  They liked the option of participation in the granting process; they have a say in what applications they think Dane would have supported.  The Fund has been designed to support youth and youth related projects, within the area that the Foundation serves.  This Fund is the second major donor advised fund of the Foundation, the other being the Linear Grain Fund.

A spokesperson for the family stated: “We are excited to see more and more people recognizing donor advised funds as a possibility.  It opens doors of communication between fund donors and the CAF Board.  Dane’s family was looking for a way to have his memory remembered for years to come and this donor advised fund seemed to fit the bill.  They liked the option of participation in the granting process; they have a say in what applications they think Dane would have supported.”

The CAF grants annually to charitable organizations throughout the community.  Please see our list of established funds.




The Carman Area Foundation and the Carman Handi-Van Corp. have recently agreed to establish a new Endowment fund in the Foundation.  The new Carman Handi-Van Fund is a ‘Charitable Organization’ Fund, a fund type that provides specific benefits for the charity, namely administration of the charity’s permanent endowment and provision of annual financial support to the charity.  The Carman Handi-Van Corp. contributed the initial $10,000 donation to establish the Fund.  People wishing to support the Carman Handi-Van will now be able to contribute to this endowment fund of the Carman Area Foundation.   The new agreement was officially signed by executive members of both Boards on May 23, 2017.